kamex - Why Us

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Because in KAMEX, we own 25 years of experience, as manufacturers of Pneumatic Systems, with significant Clients.
  • Because we use the most modern technological equipment for constructing our products.
  • Because we are the manufacturers that our experience and know-how in our professional area is hard to find in Greece.
  • Because we may construct anything, anywhere, anyhow!
  • Because our technical skills on tailor-custom made products, provide solutions for your production.
  • Because we know that your profit is of our benefit, specializing in our constructions and knowing and understanding your needs.
  • Because we stand by you after the sale.
  • Because, Clients(*)  such as the followings, trust us:

Atlas Tapes SA – Industry of constructing selfadhesive rolls, sheets. membranes, foils, films, stripes ans other forms made of Plastic.

Eurofilm Mantzaris SA  – Plastic film & Packaging products industry.

Europack SA  Plastic packaging products, packaging bags industry.

Εurochartiki  SA – Paper & detergent products industry.

Inform Π. Lykos SA  - Production , Processing and Development Industry of Printed Informatics.

Lemu Sa - Industry of products & services of graphic materials, paper & aluminum foil.

Mecanoplastica SA  – Machinery for processing Plastic, Rubber as well as production of Plastic and Rubber items.

Mornos SA –  Industry of flexible packaging items, boxes, drums, carton boxes and paper labels.

Plamal SA  Industry of flexible packaging materials and plastic bags.

Plastika Kritis SA  – Industry of Plastic products, plastic film for agricultural applications, earth membranes, recycled plastics and polyethylene pipes.

Symetal SA – Industry of processing aluminum foil and flexible packaging materiasl.

Techniki Epexergasia Chartou SA –  Produstion and cutting of paper rolls (core), krepe paper for folding aluminum, production and processing of  stretch film.

(*) Indicative List in alphabetical order